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Residents, historians, and members of the council have come together to say "Keep the Loco in Darlo". Watch their videos here. 

"This iconic engine behind me has been looked after by the people of Darlington for more than 160 years and unfortunately it is now under threat... We really must get together with this [campaign] to make sure that this engine stays here with us where it belongs."


"As Mayor of this great town, I will be backing the campaign to keep the Loco here... I would encourage local people to sign the petition and do what they can to support us."


"It's always been here. It was the first engine on the Stockton and Darlington Railway... It's on the town's coat of arms - it's an essential part of the identity of Darlington. This town has treasured all of these wonderful artefacts in this museum, and they tell the story of the development and impact of the first railway that carried passengers which spread throughout the world... To me, it's unthinkable to remove Locomotion from its place in this museum. So please, sign the petition and spread it far and wide."


"I think Locomotion No. 1 should stay in Darlington because, for over 160 years, Darlington has looked after it very well."


"I write about local history in The Northern Echo... This is global history and it's here in Darlington. And it should be here in Darlington, it was built at Darlington's instigation, with Darlington's money, with Darlington's ingenuity, to run on Darlington's railway... It has come to mean to the town what the Transporter Bridge means to Middlesbrough, what the Eiffel Tower means to Paris - it is its icon... Please sign the petition."


"When we heard about the train possibly being taken away, it was quite sad. It's local, it's part of our heritage in Darlington. Our children came to see it, we used to bring them down quite often... Now we've got grandchildren, we live local - it's just nice to pop in... It would be a crying shame to take it away and I think we should all campaign to keep it here."


"I think it's really important to keep the Locomotion in Darlington. I think it's an integral part of the industrial heritage of the area. Being from Yarm, the local pub I drink in, The George and The Dragon, the initial plans for the railway were actually discussed in there so it's definitely of interest to me and for to pass on this information to generations to come."