North East Railways in World War One Records

Surname Forename Date of Birth Regiment Battalion Status Attachments
Adams A. Royal Engineers Railway
Adamson F. Northumberland Fusiliers N.E.R.
Adamson R.R. Northumberland Fusiliers 6th
Adamson H.H. Royal Engineers
Adamson W. Royal Engineers N.E.R 1
Adamson Herbert William 17/03/1891 Royal Engineers Died
Adcock Richard Alfred 01/09/1882
Addison Sid. Northumberland Fusiliers N.E.R. Died 1
Addison E.A. 19/02/1884 King's Royal Rifle Corps Died
Addison F. Lincolnshire 7th Wounded
Affleck E. East Yorkshire 1
Agar H.M. Royal Engineers Inland Water Transport Died 1
Agar C.C. West Yorkshire Died 1
Agar B. King's Own Scottish Borderers
Agar J.R. Royal Engineers Railway Operating Department 1
Agar W. King's Royal Rifle Corps
Ainger Albert John 07/01/1895
Ainsley George 04/03/1898
Ainslie Jas. Northumberland Fusiliers N.E.R.
Ainslie J. Durham Light Infantry

This table lists basic information about people who worked on the railways during the first world war. You can click through for further information about each individual.