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BSL interpretation of star objects

The Waiting Room

The waiting room is on the north platform of the museum, part of the historic North Road Station.


South Platform

Information about the south platform of the museum.


Pease Couch

This piece of furniture was donated by the Pease family, and was said to have been used at the meeting between Edward Pease and George Stephenson in 1821.


Painting of 'The Opening Day of the Stockton and Darlington Railway'

This painting by John Dobbin shows Locomotion No 1 crossing the Skerne Bridge on the 27th September 1825.


The Kiosk

The newsagent's kiosk is an original feature of North Road Station on the north platform of the museum.


Garden Locomotive

This early example of model engineering was made to run on a garden railway.


The Footbridge

The bridge was added to give a safe route for passengers to access the island platform when the station expanded.


The Chaldron Wagon

This wagon carries coal and the word 'chaldron' is used in the North East of England for this type of wagon.


The Booking Office

This atmospheric room is where tickets were sold.