Message from Santa


Hi everybody, Santa here!

Sorry I couldn’t make it to Head of Steam this year, but I have been really busy.

The good news is you are all on my good list because hopefully you have all been super, super good for your parents.

Now, if you haven’t managed to get your Christmas list sent off yet, then there is still plenty of time, because if you look online there is a little postcard [pdf document], fill it in, get it sent off to and my elves will surely make sure that I get it.

One last thing, don’t forget to leave some food out please for the reindeers, for Rudolph maybe a carrot and a mince pie for me and maybe a little drink. But the last important thing is when you go to bed, after you’ve had your annual bath and put on your new pyjamas, you have to go to bed to sleep, because if you are not asleep, you know what happens.

So all that’s left for me is to say bye, hopefully we will see you next year at the Museum and have a lovely Christmas and stay safe.


Postcard to Santa [pdf document]