North East Railways in World War One Records

Surname Forename Date of Birth Regiment Battalion Status Attachments
Alexander M. Northumberland Fusiliers N.E.R. Reserve Died 1
Alexandra J. W. Royal Garrison Artillery Hull Heavy Battery
Allan W.D. Yorkshire
Allan E. Coldstream Guards Wounded
Allan William 12/03/1896 West Yorkshire 5th Died 1
Allan R.R Royal Engineers Railway 3
Allan A. Royal Engineers
Allan H.M. Durham Light Infantry Died 1
Allanby G. Prisoner of War 1
Allcorn A. Northumberland Fusiliers 7th
Allee Alfred James Pearce 07/07/1896
Allen R. East Yorkshire Wounded
Allen J. King's Own Scottish Borderers
Allen W.P. Machine Gun Corps 1
Allen H. D. East Yorkshire 4th
Allen Henry 17/11/1881 Died 2
Allen W. Northumberland Fusiliers 10th
Allen G.W. Royal Engineers Died 1
Allen Maxwell 03/06/1892
Allen John Robert 23/02/1900

This table lists basic information about people who worked on the railways during the first world war. You can click through for further information about each individual.